13 Ways I use Coconut oil as a beauty routine

Coconut oil is my best friend, why? Because it is easily available, it is antimicrobial, rich in Vit E & Lauric acid, highly effective on dry skin and it removes my makeup in first place. Read below 13 ways I use coconut oil as a beauty routine. Perfect Makeup Remover: This is the most effective formula… Continue reading 13 Ways I use Coconut oil as a beauty routine

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Heya people!!! Ain’t that long gap with my previous post and I am already back with an unusual yet a very special one. Wondering who’s that girl alongside me? Well! She’s Sowmya Bandaru (The super bubbly Girl) another Blogger from my city and runs the fashion blog ‘’. Bohemian ‘Boho’ was an unfamiliar lifestyle until recent… Continue reading Elan-e-Boho

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Uptown Girl!

And when she knows what She wants from her And when she wakes up And makes up her m.i.i.i.nd... (Mind) Remember this song? And when she’s walking She’s looking so….(Fine) And when she’s talking She says that she’s No, I am not talking about Billy Joel’s song, but yes Westlife’s uptown girl.… Continue reading Uptown Girl!

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Striking with Drapes ft. Khantil India

Trust me, I was so overwhelmed with this collaboration. Hello!! Lovely souls 🙂 Let me throw some light on Khantil India work-space. Khantil is a clothing manufacturer based in Surat Gujarat. A well renowned E-tailer and physical wholesaler, comprised of traditional and western outfits. Go through their E-catalogue and you will find a variety of… Continue reading Striking with Drapes ft. Khantil India