Ginger + Honey: A Great Immunity Booster.

Ginger + Honey: A great immunity booster.

Ginger + Honey: A Great Immunity Booster.

Here’s an easy recipe for you make at home.

1. Take a fresh ginger, wash it thoroughly, peel it and chop it in very small pieces.

2. Take a bowl with honey and add finely chopped ginger to it.

3. Soak for 5 to 6 hours with which the spice will get diluted in the honey and you can happily have it 🙂

Trust me it tastes great.

My dad is a firm believer of these home made immunity boosters and dedicatedly eat every single morning.

Boost immunity
Helps with indigestion
Remedy for cough & cold
Helps relieve pain naturally

Thank you!

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