Dress for shy girls!

Hello People,

I know it’s been quite a long time since I haven’t posted anything on my blog cause work work work…. and here I am with a new post which is on “Dress for Shy Girls”

Yeah, you’ve got it right! Not everyone is comfortable with wearing everything and anything, but who doesn’t want to look good, stylish and since our dressing says allot about personality, we’ve got to brace ourselves right.  Below, showing you two different stylings one for Office and one for casual days.

Work Look:

Stripes Top + Lace Skirt: Be ready for your meeting in no time! It’s comfortable yet stylish.

The top has a waist tie pattern which gives you more defined look and lace is never dying, you agree with me, right girls?

Lace Skirt: Shopper Stop

Stripe Top: Only


Casual Look:

Pleated Skirt + crop Top: who isn’t a lover of pleated skirt… In this look I wore silver accordion pleats maxi flared skirt, it has an elasticated waistband and flared hem. T-shirt crop top for a getaway look.

If you don’t find pleated skirt (Mostly available online) you can definitely look for a plain black skirt to pair it up with crop top.

Pleated Skirt: Hyderabad Central

Crop Top: Max



Stay Tuned 🙂

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