Greet Summer with Pastel Colours!

Yes, I could have avoided floral print but, I just fell for the color. Anything ruffle, flowy and light is just right for the summer.

It is said that one should avoid wearing dark colors in the summer which tends to absorb heat, rather shift to light colors, wait! Just shift to pastel colors.


  • Dress Deets: Myntra (Currently Out of Stock to provide the link)
  • Belt: Langkawi (Local Market)
  • Heels: Myntra


I do not have anything, in particular, to talk about what I wore, but this time, listing below some of the turquoise and green color dress you can purchase online.


Here’s my pick from

1. Botanical Dress

Occasion: Workwear and casual

Source: Shein
Source: Shein



  1. Surplice Neck High Split Floral Dress

Occasion: Cocktail party & Vacation

Source: Shein



  1. Puff Sleeve Surplice Wrap Dress

Occasion: Vacation & a perfect brunch dress for summers

Source: Shein



  1. Bodice Sweetheart Dress

Occasion: Cocktail parties

Source: Shein



  1. Mixed Striped Dress

Occasion: Workwear and Cocktails

Source: Shein



I chose Shein because I really like the fact that they have a pretty wide range of collection and their style is updated. Next time I’d probably show you collection from different websites.


See you next time 🙂

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