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What to Wear on Valentine’s Day at the Workplace

Hello everyone,

I hope all you guys are as excited for this Valentine as I am, but wait! Are we ready for it?

Let’s take an advantage of Valentine’s Day to put on a cute outfit and hit the workplace. I’ll take all the pleasure to take you to the look I have curated especially for individuals who are going to celebrate their Valentine’s day at the workplace.

3 different and easy looks created with one dress!

No Reds and drama, please…

1. Embrace the monochrome!

A Smart, sophisticated and chic dress is all you need to dazzle the day. Here I am wearing a grey poly stretch dress which is effortless yet so enticing, Do you agree?

Well! I do. Make sure the colours you chose to pair your footwear and accessories are not so loud that it loses the charm of the dress.

You can stay in office, head to lunch, high tea or a swanky date night… this look is right in the place.



2. Holiday on my mind!

If you are planning to go out on a lunch break or a quick break, all you have to do is to keep ready the right scarf to pair it with your dress. I chose this bright colour scarf to bring on a vibrant feel.

You can have the following colours for a scarf: Black, grey, navy blue or red.




3. Meetings and gossips!

Play up the dress with a coat or blazer and be a boss girl. I wore this black and grey combi blazer to set the right tone and here you see I did a good job (pat on my back).

You can also try a red trench coat on top of this dress, I am sure it will look amazing.



More than the dress, carry the confidence, your job is done 🙂

Lookbook deets-

  • Dress- Latin Quarters by Shopper Stop.
  • Heels- Haute curry by Shopper Stop
  • Accessories- Pune

Thank you for your time 🙂

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