Sankranti 2019- Outfit Tail

Sankranti is known for its colorful association, be it a new attire, sumptuous food or the fun-filled kite festival, It’s a hail to the new beginning and goodbye to the winter.

It also signifies that it’s time to harvest the new crop and which is to be celebrated.

Food: Coming from a Telugu family here’s the list of the following food(s) we prepare (do Google it if you are not aware of the names, because I don’t know the English terms): Arselu, Chikki, Pollelu, murukul, appam and a few more.

Outfit Deets:

I wore this purple and golden printed straight calf length kurta, which has this pretty keyhole neck, bell sleeves (always makes an attire look cute) and a straight hem. What’s more enticing about the dress is its palazzo which has this flared hem at the bottom. I was totally sold by the look when I first saw it on Myntra.

I didn’t have to add many accessories to my look since the dress itself is so alluring, but to give it a finishing I added earrings and gold bangles to my look.


Outfit Brand: Libas.

Price: INR 1124

Buy here:


Thank you 🙂

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