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Uttarakhand Wedding Story

India is known for its rich rituals, and every state owns it’s respective ritual.

If you follow me on my Instagram stories, by now you would have already guessed that this blog post is about my best friend’s wedding, who belongs to Uttarakhand and by all means, this couple followed the Uttarakhand rituals.

I’ll be Quick and take you through the main ceremonies like Mehndi, Haldi, Sangeet and Big Day.


It all starts with beautiful art on your hand, an indispensable part of the wedding. It’s more than an art, it’s a feeling the bride and the groom go through, expression of love, love for him, love for a family who were there in thick and thin, love for friends who will be missed. Generally, the ceremony takes place 1 or 2 days before the wedding.

It is said that darker the colour of mehndi, more is the love between the couple.

Engagement & Sangeet

It was a mix of Engagement and sangeet. This time we took the lead to give the surprise and as soon as both arrived we did the opening dance with the song “Phoolo ka taro ka”- By all the cousins and followed by other sets.


Nanya Reddy- Sangeet & Engagement Outfit


Followed by both Groom and Bride’s family on the day of the wedding. Everyone dressed in yellow colour which signifies the auspicious nature of the ceremony and itself being an auspicious colour, and the start of a new beginning.

The most emotional ceremony for every mother, it’s the rush of memories from the time she holds her baby, till now.

It’s a mixture of Raw turmeric, Ubtan &  Curd. All the family members and friends involved in the Haldi application, after which she is being dressed up and wrap herself with wedding dupatta. She is then considered as a goddess and worshipped with Aarti.

Nanya Reddy- Haldi Outfit

Big day:

Here comes the Big day, the wedding day! Receiving Groom is another fun part here, with all the band baja & naach. The rituals continue with Varmala & Fere.

Tehri Nath, also known as Nathuli, is one of the most important accessories worn by Bride and is arranged by Bride’s Uncle (Mama), Bride’s parents or Groom parents. It is as important as Mangalsutra or Sindoor.

Wedding apparel: Gauri wore beautiful Red Ghagra and Pranjal wore Peach colour Sherwani.

Nanya Reddy- Wedding Outfit
Pranjal & Gauri (Gajal)
Pranjal & Gauri (Gajal)


I did not write in detail purposefully. Hope you liked it.

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Thank you ❤

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