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Everyday Saree look with Craftsvilla

Imagine what’s life without basics?! Basic essentials can never be ignored, saree is one on the list to must have. I am a basics lover & not really into visual drama, hence #MySareeMyStory is here with an everyday look.


No wonder these drapes look astonishing in spite of any skin shade or body type, this is why it’s considered as one of the must-have wardrobe essentials, and I am sure everyone does.

I draped Teal Green Color Crepe Printed saree from Craftsvilla to express my sense of being comfortable. The fabric is crepe and is super comfortable (which goes without saying), I love how beautifully it defines my curves.

Also, I have so much in mind, that for every occasion I can curate style with saree, be it a hi-tea party, get together, special occasion or as daily wear.

Like to buy? Here is the link-


Would like to share your story? Please comment below.

Thank you 🙂

One thought on “Everyday Saree look with Craftsvilla

  1. Hi, Hello, Namaste.. Glad a blogger from the city is here .. It’s feeling so good to see you like meeting a fellow Indian in America or some foreign country 😁

    Intro apart, you’ve vivid sense of style… Very impressive. Loved those clicks. Can you share the location pls 🙈


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