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Jaypore Ft. Summer Hues

Contemplating about what to wear for summer? Well! Anything cotton is my preference.

Hola Friends,

The other day I had visited Jaypore exhibition in Hyderabad, I picked this very beautiful kurthi from their collection. The colour is so appealing and since I am more into a breezy fit, I thought I should stop the search right there. The outfit costed me around 2k. 

Jaypore collection is all about handloom designs, focusing more on artisans’ work and bringing out the best traditional as well as fusion look. They are also into home decor, accessories, jewelry, apparel, gifts, vintage items and more.

Check out their website for details:

Jaypore ft. Nanya Reddy
Jaypore ft. Nanya Reddy
Jaypore ft. Nanya Reddy
Jaypore ft. Nanya Reddy
Jaypore ft. Nanya Reddy


  • Outfit & Accessories- Jaypore
  • Footwear- Kolhapuri Chappals (Shirdi’s local market)

Stay tuned for more!

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

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