Dupatta: The Saviour

Do I have to justify the blog’s title? Very much No!

All of us know that at our bad times, probably when we are struggling to find a right outfit for the traditional occasion, one dupatta saves us big time. Here I have a dupatta twist to play around.

Dupatta saves us from all of these mentioned circumstances-

  • Not much time to go shopping (Online never works for emergency)
  • Broke financially yet don’t want to compromise with our looks.
  • Good to experiment. Style them as we wish.
  • Have siblings? Steal from their wardrobe (Later you can give her a chocolate and say “thank you” for saving)
  • A reasonable & affordable gift to give your girlfriends (Pick a right one please)
  • Wrap it up like a skirt too.

My Lookbook-

I chose a bright colour dupatta to team it up with my golden skirt and blue blouse. I picked this dupatta from my sister’s wardrobe, saviour right?!The outfit which I chose is a mix and match thingy, it’s all picked up from other outfit combos.

redit6 (1 of 1)-2

redit6 (1 of 1)-3redit6 (1 of 1)-5redit6 (1 of 1)-4redit6 (1 of 1)-8


Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

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