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Not just a Valentine

Hola friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14th Feb is extremely special for me, why?  It’s my blog’s anniversary, and you guys have to bear with me because I might be reminding you this every year.

My Ideal Valentine:

I am not a very loud person; hence, my style of Valentine celebration goes with a very subtle idea of Fine Dinner at a very calm and exotic place. 

My Ideal Valentine Dress:

Anything light, flowy, single color.

I chose sari to be my Valentine attire. Amazing what saree does to your look which no other outfit can. Sassy, graceful, elegant and what not, perfectly defines you.  Also, Red is no more appealing to me, I’d probably wear reds only for formal parties 😀

Nanya 1Nanya 2Nanya 3Nanya 4Nanya 5

Saree- Mom’s wardrobe

Accessories- Lifestyle

Thank you guys 🙂 Any comment, you are most welcome 🙂

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