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My Self-Care Routine

Hola my people,


This Blog post is live only because of so many “YES” on my Instagram Poll, Thank you for showing interest.

Before I begin, I would like you to know following points:

  • The health routine which I follow is based on my personal experience.
  • Everyone should understand that not everything works for everybody, but to know what works for your body, you need to give it a try.
  • There are many a thing which I don’t do because of time constraint.

So, let’s get started!

Morning Routine:

First and foremost, the best exercise, and also an elixir, is a good sleep, a good sleep is not just a nap, it’s a solid REM sleep for 6-9 hours (7 and half hours of sleep is the best). Sleep less than 6 hours, it takes a chronic toll on you, and sleeping for more than 10 hours, well, it just makes you drowsy the whole day.

I do not check my phone when I wake up, checking out notifications or anything which isn’t necessary makes your brain lazy ,and unfortunately you tend to waste time on something which isn’t really required.

Lukewarm water + 1 TS Honey: This is something I never miss doing, be it a holiday or any day.  Take it on empty stomach. It’s a myth that honey water helps you reduce weight but it has many other medicinal benefits, one of which is it acts as an antibiotic.

Basic Workout: I joined a gym for a month, but the timings didn’t work out for me, sometimes I sleep little late and due to which I prefer to complete my sleep. Which is why I started working out at home, not really a rigorous one, but few which makes my body feel active. Some of which are:

Skipping (Rope Jumping) – 200 to 500 reps

Basic jumps – 30 to 40 reps

Squat- 10 to 15 reps (At least 3 days a week)

Cross trainer: At least 10min (I have it at home so I utilise it, if you don’t then you can always opt for an alternate exercise like paddle with legs while lying on ground)

Dance On your favourite song: This one is my favourite, if I don’t follow any of the above, I make sure I dance a little on my favourite song, this works for me because I feel happy doing it and with it I refresh my mind too! 🙂

Food & Water Intake:

Water: Make sure you include maximum water intake in your diet, can be in the form or fruits or vegetable (Sounds very cliché right, but can’t get away from the fact that it’s a necessity).  Also, while headed to the office, I and my colleague have made a habit of taking Coconut water.

Food: I am not really an orthodox healthy diet follower but I believe every kind of food is important to our body, even fat (Healthy fat or saturated fat), eat after every three to four hours, but eat a limited quantity.  Eating after every 3 to 4 hours keeps your metabolism right, and the most important point is, do not skip your meals.


Following are my preferences:-

Oats (Fibre), Cornflakes (Fibre), Muesli nuts (Nutrients), Dosa & Idli (Fermented food for good digestion), Bread Omelette or sometimes random food.

Milk: This is mandatory and essential to my breakfast.  No Coffee, no tea, only a glass of milk.

Lunch: Rice & dal, Chapatti (Roti) and different vegetables.  Thanks to my Mum who makes healthy and tasty food.

Snacks: Have fruits, biscuits, dry fruits or anything which you wish to have, I do not restrict myself on this.

Dinner: Prefer light dinner, and try taking fibrous food which will help to keep your digestive system function healthy. Sometimes I prefer taking only soup or 1 chapatti (Roti), I understand every individual has different appetite and little will not do good to them, for those people I can say “Do not sleep immediately after you eat your dinner, the required gap between your food and sleep should be at least 1hr”

Also, I do a brisk walk for at least 30 to 40min every day, sometimes I skip but I try following it min of 5 days a week.


Every body type is different, it’s not necessary that what others do works for you too, your body might need extra attention and work out which you have to rectify and plan accordingly.

If you guys think I should include little more to my daily routine or if you have any suggestion for me, do drop a comment below, you can also message me on Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you ❤

Nanya Reddy

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