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Indian Fusion Ft. T Label

Hola People!

I had a privilege to showcase the rising designer’s collection from T Label, her name is Tulsi and she has completed her Fashion Design study from NIFT. Her designs are more inclined towards handcraft, fusion, and are unique print based. As many of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen few pictures of her new collection, here I have another one for you.  So, basically in this post, I am showing you two of the dresses I tried on.

  • This one is my personal favorite, it got a unique Buddha print on it and the beige colour makes it stand out. Be it a casual party or outing, one can wear it with ease.

redit6 (1 of 1)-2redit6 (1 of 1)-4redit6 (1 of 1)-6

  • Kalamkari dress: it has got a very beautiful print on it, High neckline, fit and flare design, and back neck accentuate the whole look.

redit6 (1 of 1)-3redit6 (1 of 1)-2redit6 (1 of 1)-7redit6 (1 of 1)-622

Check her page here: T Label

Few more to come, Stay Tuned 🙂

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

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