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Paradise Den: Andaman & Nicobar Island

Hello people,

Finally, I got a little time to jot down my ever loving coral trip story. As the title says, it is a paradise den. I was a little too excited for the trip and anyone in that matter would be.

Overview of Andaman & Nicobar Island

‘Island’ name itself has that magical feel of coral and marine life, I am a big time lover of aqua life and I did my homework of knowing about the place. There are about 600 islands in Andaman’s in and around, out of which around 36 are inhabited but only 9 are open for tourists. So below are the things I have mentioned where I have been.

Day-1 Port Blair- cellular jail

From Hyderabad to Port Blair (Capital of Andaman) via Chennai, it took us around 3 hours to reach our destination. Checked in to Fortune Resort Bay Island Hotel, trust me, the view from the hotel was awesome and so cherishing that one could just sit on the balcony and sip their favorite beverage, but!!! Not now! We have got so much to explore. We’ve headed for our Cellular Jail visit- I have elaborated the whole jail experience here-Kala Pani (Cellular Jail), do give a reading, it’s interesting. The day ends with a nice dinner at the hotel.

redit6 (1 of 1)-2


Day-2 Havelock Island- Radha Nagar Beach

The very next morning packed our luggage and headed to Havelock Island via cruise, I was little skeptical with my cruise travel thinking I might have sea sickness or something, but luckily I enjoyed my 2hours in the cruise. Symphony Palms Beach Resort was our stay accommodation in Havelock, it’s just beside the private beach and I think choosing that was the best choice. The whole tour was already designed hence we just had to follow it. In the evening we had a visit to Radha Nagar beach. Oh, my!! so beautiful that one can just stalk the beauty of sands coral, crystal clear water and everything beauty for hours together.


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Dress- Jabong


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Day-3 Lighthouse Beach 

This was the day when we were supposed to do SCUBA dive, but due to bad weather condition we could not, so we have headed towards Lighthouse island beach via boat, where we indulged in snorkeling and other water sports. Good that we did snorkeling first and then SCUBA otherwise I would have been disappointed.


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Dress- Unlimited Stores


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Day-4 SCUBA time baby!!! And yup, also Kalapatthar Beach

At last, the day had come! Scuba dive day, this was my first time and I was super excited. The moment they told that “The longer you take for a little training, less time you would spend under water” so I took just 10 to 15min and fixed it in my mind. Here we go…. that the world, aquatic world and heavenly world ❤ I wanted to touch those tiny shiny fishes but the instructors did not allow me to do so; I was content with the experience.

Following points, one has to keep in mind while scuba dive.
* Do not panic if you don’t know swimming. It’s better if you don’t know to swim.
* If you have any severe medical issue do inform your instructor, especially if it’s pulmonary.
* Follow SCUBA instructions carefully, use of mask, how you breathe and sign language are the most important.

* You might feel this as highly adventurous but it’s highly dangerous too, do not touch anything as they might be poisonous.

* Do not harm aquatic life in any way… they are allowing you to see their world. Just feel you are blessed. 

The day was followed by our Kalapatthar Beach, it was another alluring place but we could only stay there for an hour.




Shrug- MAX Fashion Store



Day-5 back to Port Blair

Here comes the not so happy day when you have to leave. So finally back to Hyderabad! I don’t want to express my feeling for this day, no no!!

All I want to say is that Andaman was the ever best experience of my life and looking forward to much more ☺

Tour Planned and Managed by- Trip Factory & Dream Valley.

PC: Prasad (My Bestie… <3)


Nanya Reddy

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