What Rises at the Vapour Brew Pub!

“There is no sincere love than the love of food” said a wise man; I am sure he must be having some luscious food at that time. I relived every word of the saying at the Vapour Brew pub.

Hello Guys,

Rising up as dramatically as the signature beers in its brewery, Vapour Brew Pub recently arrived in Hyderabad. With a capacious place, pleasant ambience with indoor and outdoor seating areas, and a breathtaking open terrace for people who enjoy an open space arena, the place is a perfect escape from the daily city hustle.

With the multi-disciplinary cuisines to the flavourful cocktails, here’s a collaborative review by me and my friend, who is of course also a foodie.


Alcoholic beverages: When benefits are aplenty, you’ve got to get a brew! The heart of Vapour is its signature, self-craft beer range that includes Wheat, Belgian, Premium, Apple cider, Blonde, American Lager, and Stout; bottled beers and other standard alcoholic beverages are a given anyway.

redit6 (1 of 1)-21


Cocktails: Sip into the medley combo of cocktails that range from tangy Margarita, to Sangria and the signature Mojito. Some of most perfectly honed cocktails we tried were the Vapour Smoky Barrel (Image presented below) and Cosmopolitan, both experimental flourishes with rich character of vodka and cranberry.

redit6 (1 of 1)-7
Vapour Smoky Barrel
redit6 (1 of 1)-22
Watermelon Caprioslen Deconstructed


Mocktails:  The need to satisfy our taste buds actually led us to try the cream-based mocktail Mango Queen (literally the queen of moctails), Kiwi Melo Cooler, and Summer Hummer (Lichee juice infused with strawberry crush).

redit6 (1 of 1)-15

redit6 (1 of 1)-5
Summer Hummer

Sips all good, but appetite is yet to be pleased…

Starter/ Appetisers

Mushroom Duplex: This dish stands testimony to the saying “The secret ingredient is always CHEESE.”. Mushroom cape stuffed with cheese, bell pepper, pepper corn, crumb fried; that’s more goodness per bite.

redit6 (1 of 1)-23
Mushroom Duplex


Palak Patta Chat– The very first thing my friend said looking at the dish was “Very innovative way of making people eat palak (spinach).” To which, I couldn’t agree more. Such crisp base and mild flavour of the mint foam and curd residue on top. Much yum.

redit6 (1 of 1)-12
Palak Patta Chat


Tempura Prawns: hello seafood lovers, this one’s for you. Crisp fried prawns with mustard-based sauce. The last time I had such tasteful prawns, it was in Marina Hotel, Chennai. I appreciate how the chefs didn’t do away with the classics. A must have.

redit6 (1 of 1)-6
Tempura Prawns


For those who love experimenting fusion, Vapour will not disappoint you. The place has got a whole range of traditional staple-favourites right form traditional Mumbiya Vada Pav, Bombai Missal Pav Bhaji, Ragda Pigme Kulche… Wait what? I am not revealing everything… na na!!

Few More:

redit6 (1 of 1)-11
Mutton galavati
redit6 (1 of 1)-9
Chicken 65
redit6 (1 of 1)-14
BBQ stuffed Chicken


Main course: We were so full with starters and mocktails that we could not explore the main course much. But you can sure try it; you will love it. We had Mutton Nihari with Afgani Naan which is a Vapour’s special dish. Mutton delicacy served with dal makhni was delicious.

redit6 (1 of 1)-16
Mutton Nihari with Afgani Naan

Dessert:  We were served with two most yummy desserts and they were Mud Cakes with Ice-cream and White Chocolate Brownie. Mud cake with ice-cream had a familiar chocolate cake taste but white chocolate brownie was highly flavourful, the right sponge, right sweetness and the ability to take you to trance, that’s what the desserts did.

redit6 (1 of 1)-17
White Chocolate Brownie
Mud Cakes with Ice-cream

All in all, Vapour is a complete hangout palace for family and friends. Vapour is all things good and a slew of awesomeness.

Vote of Thanks:  Mr Roy who is a senior Chef at vapour, He was very accommodating throughout, briefed us about every single dish and drink with the help of team. Would also like to thank Mr. Ankit Rahul for the invite, Mr. Amrit (Manager), Mr.  Lakshminarayana , Mr Dev (He made an additional effort and  served us his favourite drink- So sweet of him). Thanks to Mr. Tushar Kalawatia for the shoot and for being a review companion.

Mr Roy
Mr. Roy- Chef
redit6 (1 of 1)-19
Nanya Reddy

Note* All the above review of the food is our personal taste opinion.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading. See you soon 🙂

Love Blink,

Nanya Reddy 😉

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