BONALU- An Auspicious Celebration of Telangana.

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Bonalu is one of the most important festivals amongst the people of Telangana, celebrated in the month of Ashada Masam which comes in July or August, when comes to regions specific more to Hyderabad, Secunderabad and other parts of Telangana.

Bonalu implies the worship of Mother Goddess in respective regional frames, like Mysamma, Pochamma, Yellamma, Peddhamma and few more (I had to read all this in different articles). There are different mythological stories behind the commencement of bonalu festival in Hyderabad, one of which says that the offerings to goddess  was made in terms of destroying the plague which had spread amongst the people in the year of 1813 in Hyderabad, which was certainly the most effective prayer happened to save lives, the other belief  of offering is to make Goddess Mahakali happy to keep their families safe from all the uninvited situations.

The one which you guys see carrying on the head, the decorated pot, is called Bonam, which precisely means Bhojanam, a Sanskrit word. Bonam consists of Naivedyam(Feast)-an offering to god which mostly consists of anything sweet and some people also prefer to add rice, curd etc.Bonam pot is adorned with Neem Leaves, Turmeric, carrying Vermilion and a lit lamp on the top of the Pot which they carry all the way to temple with bare feet and they do this with faith, love and respect.

Never did I know so much about the festival but this time I had a closer look to what exactly had  been done in this festival, my mother and sister are really devotional characters, I stand on a neutral path wherein I love observing what goes in and around, not too devotional, but I respect every culture, belief, ritual, because to have your own belief is a basic right.

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Note* All the above-mentioned information has been observed and researched, kindly do not take this personally and get offended if you find anything wrong, where as your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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Nanya Reddy 🙂

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