Daredevils’ Trek to Bhimashankar

From a mundane life to Go Get Life tags… we all crave for a break!


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This time it’s go get life on a mesmerizing scenic beauty, and yes! It was Western Ghats’ own beauty Sahyadri hills. It wasn’t my first trek since I have already explored Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, lately did I realize that these names are very much familiar cause we had Houses named with Aravali, Vindya, Sahyadri & Nilgiri house when in school (I belonged to Sahyadri House 😀 ).

Bhimashankar is popular for Monsoon trek and choosing something else would never grab my interest. Bhimashankar temple is one amongst the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. The antique stone temple is around 3500 (approx.) feet high and the beauty of the jungle with lush green eyeconic scene has made Bhimashankar a major trekking destination.


We were 38 members and have boarded train from Hyderabad at 21:00 to Karjat (Pune) and reached at around 11:30, it was roughly a 14hrs journey (Hyderabad Express). Well, 38 members could be little too big as a group, “let’s divide the group” is what our organizers thought. A wise decision to keep things organized.

We have taken a local transport from Karjat to Khandas (Start Point). Hereafter started our trek adventure with juggling, troubling, giggling and experiencing the heaven moment which you can see in my pictures.

There are two routes for trekking, one is Sidhi Ghat which is also known as ladder route, little tricky and on the other side was Ganesh Ghat which is longer than the Sidhi Ghat but pretty straight. We chose Sidhi ghat for our trek and covered approx 5 to 6 Km (I couldn’t find the exact distance, if you know then comments are most welcome).

It was raining when we reached mid way of our journey, the most important thing everyone must take to look after is ‘watch out your steps’, the stones get so smooth due to rain that the possibility of slipping off gets higher.

“Keep Walking through the Lush green forest- I ain’t going home”

We reached our sleepover point- House which has aluminum shed and stone covered with cow manure (I just hope I am right), village was right in centre of the deep forest. Trust me I was dead exhausted by the time we reached our resting point. We all quickly changed and it’s time to relax, like every group even we had a highly energetic group which started to groove into music followed by delicious food prepared by the house owners. Hence the day ends on a good note.

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We got up at around 3am, since there were many in our troop we all got ready by 5am and moved towards Bhimashankar temple. Everyone was so excited to see the fog melting down to rise up the beautiful sun rays. The whole pathway gave us a pretty mesmerizing view, I loved it like never before. It took us two and half hours to reach the summit. By the time we reached it was already 7:30. We covered almost  5km and the moment we reached, there was a small pond, since we all knew that the journey has come to an end we all gathered to have some gala time and “selfies tho bante hai boss”. It was Bhimashankar temple darshan time and we were given 1hr to wind up the whole treasure.

At 9.30am we took local bus to travel back to Pune station 🙂 well well!! I had a better surprise then, met my Pune buddies like after 1year. A whole lot of nostalgia in and around.

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Below I have mentioned Do’s and Don’ts.

Don’ts for Trek

  • Do not over burden your shoulder with unwanted stuff inside your bag.
  • Type of Cloth you wear matters a lot, do not wear anything which irritates your skin or is uncomfortable.
  • Don’t start the trek on an empty stomach, you have a long journey ahead and your body needs sufficient fuel
  • Don’t deviate from the pack, solo trekking may appear to be fun, but in group lies your strength.
  • As you trek pristine ecosystems, don’t spoil or destroy the beauty by littering or ‘jungle bashing’ (forcing your way through blocked paths by clearing the greenery)
  • Keep away from the wildlife you come across while trekking.

Dos for Trek

  • Try taking the least back pack possible.
  • Eatables- definitely energy bars or nuts.
  • Perfect shoes to save your life from uninvited moment (at least 3 pair of socks)
  • Raincoat- Choose wisely.
  • Hydrate with water bottle and juice (Carry 3liters of water or min 2liters for sure)
  • Carry medicines if you have any mild health issues.
  • Carry Mosquito repellant, rain coat, torch, and extra pair of Clothing just in case you feel you need it.

Basic Instructions of what to carry will be given in advance so that everyone has enough safety measures. If you are planning for trek, make sure all your doubts are cleared and you are ready for it.

Trek Organized by- HTC (Hyderabad Trekking Club)

Organizers- Mr. Srikanth & Mr. Venky.

Hope you guys are planning to have a fun full trek to Bhimashankar.. Have a nice time 🙂

NOTE* Above mentioned details are purely based on my personal experience, if anything is missed out or did not sound correct, feel free to drop a comment.

Thanks to my friends for making it a worthy living moment!

Nanya- Day2.ak

PS: Just gone casual with the pictures this time.

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

4 thoughts on “Daredevils’ Trek to Bhimashankar

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, this weekend we are going to Bhimshankar and your article is very much helpful.


  2. A very useful post about the trek! Your blog post was amongst the helpful ones while planning the trek 🙂 Now that I ‘ve compiled the stats from my trek, I can answer of the questions you asked in the blog- The Sidhi Ghat route is exactly 7.5 kms from Khandas village to the Bhimashankar temple! 🙂
    Cheers & Keep exploring!


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