Summer Romance

Talking over coffee, those evening walks, night and moon, breeze that touches skin. Even in the hottest of the summer we don’t forget to romance.

“Yes! I am in a relationship with my attire,  how beautiful they make me look, I adore the way they make me feel special.”

My dress remembers who I be with, it can feel my beating heart and keep my secrets alive. Summers aren’t bad, they are just a little too naughty to handle.

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Hello People!

Here is my type of summer outfit, flowy, comfortable, floral and romantic.

The other day I went out for shopping, I had totally different design to pick up. Palazzo? Ruffle top? Jeans? Kurti? And so on! I had no clue about what to pick up.

I saw this pastel floral print maxi, and the first thought that struck me was, “hold on dear! Will this suit my dusky skin?”—colors are to be perfectly synced lest the whole look gets ruined.—I tried it out and it look’s perfect! How often do you fall in love with yourself? Well, this time I did fall in love with myself  😉

Wearing a summer hat which has this cute ruffles attached on the brim, just look at the way it perfectly got synced with my dress.

Don’t get disappointed in summer, adore it for making you look hotter.

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Look Book:

  • Dress – Max Fashion Store
  • Watch – Fossil
  • Footwear – Westside
  • Hat – Wishes and Dreams


Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy ❤

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