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Summer Camouflage

At times summer gets really harsh, but fashion never fades away

Hey Ally,

I know summer is treating us bad and I just wish to say “Go away!! Just go away summer! Please never come back again” especially with 40 or above degrees.

What I wore:

Capes are never out of fashion, be it summer or winter or any other season. Anything which is cascaded, loose, or frilly, is my favorite look book part. What I am wearing is a woodland camouflage print from Missa More closet. I thought of wearing this for my road tripping but thanks to sun and his temperature, I postponed my plan.

Cape: Missa More

Crop top: Black is so not for summer, but at the same time it’s something we can’t ignore.

Crop Top: The label Life

Palazzo: I actually thought of wearing jeans or tights but looking at the heat outside, I just picked this palazzo out of my closet and wore it like I mean it, like nothing else could be as perfect as this.

Palazzo: Morpankh, Hyderabad Central. 


  • Neckpiece: I got this adorable piece from Trinkaholic.
  • Watch: Daniel wellington.

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Hope you guys liked my blog 🙂 Stay tuned for more!

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

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