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Hola Friends,

Here I am with yet another post but this time with a retro galore. This post is again in collaboration with Fashion & Lifestyle blogger Sowmya Rao of My Popcorn Box fame. She is highly proactive when it comes to trying new look, never have I heard her saying “later”. It has always been a yes now. Well, together we decided to get the history back and here we are with Retro, the olde-worlde theme.

I am a bit too much obsessed with yester year fashion looks that I give no second thoughts while opting them. Be it a long gown, black & white or any other combo and along with them, the much obliged versatile hat, hand gloves in red rip color and a graceful walk, all are my favorites. Back then and now, it has always been on top and is never going to fade. Pleat skirts, high heels, a bun, well I can’t stop talking about it. Probably I can wear retro all day long. Those 80’s & 90’s fashion is inevitable in itself.














What I wore:

I had this polka dot skirt in my wardrobe and was waiting for the right moment to show it off. I decided to wear a laced top and crochet shrug over my polka dot skirt. Since my hair is already curly, I have not put on any extra effort on it, but a flower clip over my head which has done a perfect job.

You can see all the Dramatic poses here 😀

Checkout Sowmya’s story on the retro look at

Look Book Deets:

  • Skirt- Lime Road site
  • Top- Forever 21
  • Crochet Shrug- Max Store
  • Shoes- Max Store

PC- Rupa Somayajula  and Saurav Reddy

Hope you guys liked it ❤

Much Love,

Nanya Reddy 🙂

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