Wedding Selfies

Never did I think about this time to express my emotion towards bestie’s wedding.

Before we begin, let me introduce to you, our legendary gang, “PANGS” pretty famous among our friend circle. PANGS stands for “Pri, Ambi, Naina, Gauri & Sri’’ while you can also see other people joining us. Since I did not carry my DSLR, I said to myself, why not take a short tour of wedding with selfies.

Bina Selfies k Shadi bhi na ho 😀

By the way, who’s getting married? Its Naina di, the prettiest of all. “Uttarakhand girl tying up with Haryanvi guy.

Take a short tour of the wedding through selfies.

Mehndi Ceremony :

Got us all excited on the very first day when we reached Delhi ” Abhi Tho Bas Shuruwat Hue Hai”




Sangeet Ceremony:

Since we all stay in different places and are tangled in our work lives, we didn’t get any time to decide what to wear and whether to dance or not? But everyone of us made our mind already that this shall be an astounding day. While mehndi was being doodled on our hands, we started deciding the evening sangeet dance, which went smoothly later in the evening.





Haldi Ceremony: 

Did you bring Yellow Dress? What are you wearing?? Yellow dress hands Up!!

Since it was Haldi ceremony you better be wearing Yellow! No excuses says the ceremony itself. Even if you have Yellow attire, all goes in your mind is “Matching Accessories”.. woof!! Marriage is a BIG task.





Wedding Ceremony:

Started the emotional buzz, only an hour left. Being on the side of bride, the most intriguing thought is that she is going to leave us and things will not be the same again (Just a saying ! friendship never ends and friends stay connected forever :))






Happy Married Life to Dulha Dulhan 🙂

Hope you guys liked it 🙂

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

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