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Gothic Persona

Hey Love!

Hope everyone is doing great! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but do you see that? I know that you have already scrolled down through my pics on this page. Well, the photos say it all, Black is Bold.

I still remember the day I went out for this shoot along with my friends, and people were staring at me as if I were an alien or escaped from an asylum. Well, with the ever-dynamic changes in the trend, do we really care? Nope!

Gothic Reboot!!

I like the Gothic look which I adorned and I was pretty comfortable with it too!

Not everyone knows about Gothic fashion, even if they know they don’t really try it, an antiquated, mysterious and homogeneous feature. Gothic fashion can be teamed up with heavy metal or emo fashion. But I kept it easy go and simple.








Find My look book Deets Here:

Kaftan Top : Global Desi

Choker :  Flipkart

Heels : Amazon

Lipstick  : NYX Berry Shade

Keep In Touch 🙂

Love Blink,

Nanya Reddy

5 thoughts on “Gothic Persona

  1. Hey Nanya,

    I would love to reblog this post in my blog as it connects to my theme for the current fashion series. However, I could not find the pin for rebogging. Is there anyway, you would advise me to do it?



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