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Mom- My Occasional Designer


Ever since I started blogging, people asked me, why this thought all of a sudden? In fact I took many people by surprise as I was nowhere related to the fashion field, but I have a choice of good attire!! Well! The answer is simple, I have been brought up in an environment so creative and all its credit goes to my mom. A lady who is both creative and patient (it’s a killer combo I say) and as the pop culture says, a watchful guardian of our dressing sense and etiquette. She is not a fashion degree holder, but better than that, is an excellent homemaker and sought assistance of a small organization for learning cloth manufacturing, painting and similar activities.







She can prepare a masterpiece design overnight, all by herself. I thought, why not try something different which is easy to carry. Navaratri was our focus and I suggested her the design and that’s it, she gave the perfect output. It took us only a day to finish the look. I bought the fabric from Narshingh-Ameerpet and we both sat down at midnight and decided to give the fabric a shape (midnight ideas are most dangerous yet successful ones).

By the time I reached home the following day, it was all set and ready for me to jump into it and she suggested it to clad it for the Dandia Night.

I was overwhelmed and yelled “Mom, you’re the best”!! A one piece or a maxi dress out of an embroidered fabric was our theme.

You can wear this for any festive season and since it’s a dress, one can wear it for any family or friendly occasions as well.

My Designer :* ❤

Lot More to come 🙂

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

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