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Heya people!!!

Ain’t that long gap with my previous post and I am already back with an unusual yet a very special one.

Wondering who’s that girl alongside me? Well! She’s Sowmya Bandaru (The super bubbly Girl) another Blogger from my city and runs the fashion blog ‘’.

Bohemian ‘Boho’ was an unfamiliar lifestyle until recent years, as it caught the attention of fashion junkies of late.

Sowmya and I decided to slay the boho vogue in our unique way.

I opted for a desi boho gaze while she chose to portray modern boho vibes.

I love the fact that India got a contemporary style form and one can bind it up both with traditional as well as modern styles. Hence the free-spirited boho has been laid out in this post.

What my style says:-

Color me bingo!! But single colors are uber bingo!! Does it make any sense? Well, definitely for me!

Versatility is something I opted and breezing flair got it right for me, hence the teal color ‘V’-waist top. Love the color and a print of red border on it which I teamed it up with red Culottes with gold block prints on it. Accessorizing over a single color is the extra layer of icing on the cake plus a cherry on top. Got my love over these silver junk jewelry which completes the look.

What SoMyStyles says?  Check it out here- SoMyStyles












Hey Som, this collaboration was fun and i am glad to share this space with you 🙂

Look book Deets:

Our photographers are (Thank you guys <3)

  • Prasad
  • Meghalika

Guys if you wish us to try out some other styles, don’t hesitate to drop us an email or comment below, we would love to try out those 🙂

Until then Sayonara 🙂 T.c

Love Blink,

Nanya Reddy 😉


2 thoughts on “Elan-e-Boho

  1. Hey Nanya, you are so bold to try such versatile looks. Not just that, you pull them off so well. Could you do post on Fall/Winter outfits? I think there are lots of outfits we can try with hoodies, sweaters and denim jackets. I just love sporting simple sweater, a scarf for layering, skinny jeans and chelsea boots to compliment the entire outfit. Thank you, and keep being bold and beautiful 🙂


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