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Uptown Girl!

And when she knows what

She wants from her…(Time)

And when she wakes up

And makes up her m.i.i.i.nd… (Mind)

Remember this song?

And when she’s walking

She’s looking so….(Fine)

And when she’s talking

She says that she’s…(Mine)

No, I am not talking about Billy Joel’s song, but yes Westlife’s uptown girl.

I was in my blossom teens when I was really addicted to Westlife’s songs and oh my my Markus ‘Mark’ Feehily was the only love of my life in spite of my friends teasing me by mentioning that he is not “interested” in women. Really? Who cares about his sexuality? I love him. At that time my only wish was to fly to Ireland (to jump there at once if possible) to meet him once ❤

“That silly teen love” 😀

Well! Coming to my attire, this look was so unplanned, I always wanted to have a bell sleeves top but never did I think of pairing it with skirt. I got this skirt custom-made while I was in Chennai. One day I was just going through my closet and found these two, thinking “why not try these?

I liked the look, how about you?

Styled with umbrella, belt for defining waist, woow!! The outcome is not what I expected, but pretty enough for me. Here I made my type of “Uptown Girl” look.

Uptown Girl













Hope you guys liked it 🙂

Drop down your opinion in comment box 🙂

Loads of Love ❤

Nanya Reddy

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