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Striking with Drapes ft. Khantil India

Trust me, I was so overwhelmed with this collaboration.

Hello!! Lovely souls 🙂

Let me throw some light on Khantil India work-space. Khantil is a clothing manufacturer based in Surat Gujarat. A well renowned E-tailer and physical wholesaler, comprised of traditional and western outfits. Go through their E-catalogue and you will find a variety of options for a very reasonable price and for assorted occasion.

In this post I have showcased three different types of drapes (sarees) as you can see. Darker shades are my cup of tea and if you ask my favorite pick out of these three, I would say all of these, since they are diverse and entrancing in nature.

collage 1

Saree draping? Hmmm.. though I love the look, it’s always a bit difficult to drape a saree by myself, here comes my supermom behind the scene who helped me throughout the shoots, styling these sarees for me.










Having wrapped up the shoots in the short span of time, I would like to give a special mention about two wonderful people of my life, who had always been with me throughout my fashion blogger journey:

Mom, for helping me styling my outfits.

Prasad, the photographer of my blog and most talented guy.

Both of them took this project as serious as me.

This is not the end, as I’m going to post another type of outfits from Khantil India.

So Stay Tuned For More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

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