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Euphoric Sunday

Wrapped in my blanket, I felt so cozy. Do I get up now? Does the ‘Force awakes now’? or does it need five more minutes (Star Wars fans can happily relate to this :D). Its neither now nor after five minutes, I think I need the whole day as I’m tired. After all this is that one day I get to sleep peacefully until I wish.

Mom, sweet Mom: beta, coffee ya chai? (or something else?).

Me:  Well, aaj chai!


This is that day when you really make it lazy yet blissful in the morning. I don’t need to “fresh up” early in the morning ‘cause I ain’t going office today. Why? It’s Sunday, that’s why! Yeyyy!! 🙂

I celebrate my Sunday like I own it  at the end of the week. Take off from all the tensions in our lives. Spend some time with your inner self. Do what it says, do what you love, meet your friends who make you laugh, do all the ‘stupid’ stuff with them and hence, believe Sunday is to live for what you love.








Look book scene:

Wore a t-shirt from #bewakoofofficial (An Official Collaboration with Bewakoof India). Felt pretty snug wearing that and styled it with my favorite designed stockings.

Following other styles I could have opted for:

Sporty Look :- Wear this t-shirt top with Jeggins and pair it up with shoes of your choice.

Chic Look :- Over this t-shirt, wear denim jacket and pair it up with nice footwear.

I have few more styles in my mind and would probably be experimenting those shortly.

Where can you find it?

T-shirt :- T-Shirt Dress

Stockings :- Jabong India

Footwear :- Max India

  • Special Thanks to Ms. Jacqueline (Sweet Heart She is!!) for the lovely Mug , Miss you and our gang!! 🙂 ❤

You can further have a look on other Collections for Men like “Tshirts“, “Vests“, “Joggers” & “Full Sleeves” .

Hope you liked my post 🙂

For any queries feel free to drop me an email at

Thank you so much guys for all your love!! i have received quite a few mails and msgs so far and love the way you all have expressed your views on my work. Stay tuned as i have another collaboration lined up 🙂

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy


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