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Nanya Ft.

Hey Companions!! Happy Friday ❤

Of late, one question started bugging me more than anything else, what next? What would I try out next?

Maxi? Nope! Done with it

Midi? Na na! Tried it too!

Saree? Skirt? Well tried them more than once!

And by the time this puzzle reached its peaks, I got a “Tinngg” sound from my phone and when I read it, well, I was in a way overjoyed and decided, this is it! This is going to be my next try out.

That’s Bewakoof officials, “Thank you” firstly for appreciating my work and secondly for this collaboration.






In today’s world, fitness regime controls people’s mind and body. Frequently I have been approached by many a people about my fitness mantra and what do I do to maintain it? Well! Trust me, I don’t work out rigorously or neither do I attend any gym, though I am very conscious about my weight. All I do is just follow my motto “eat anything and everything, but in limits”. A brisk walk for an hour daily is all what I do and trust me; it does wonders to my body.




Wearing this super comfy jogger from bewakoof and the scintillating red t-shirt became my favorite. Get your jogs on for work out, walk or some casual evening hangout. For my Sporty T shirt, Ohh!! I’m going to try all possible styles with it!

So Stay tuned!!

Visit and get some hands on to their collections ❤

Look Book Details:-



Watch: Fast track

Shoes: Fila.

Location: Marina Beach, Chennai.

Hope you guys have liked my post. If you have any queries or suggestion or would like me to try any other style don’t hesitate to reach me at, you can also comment below 🙂 ❤

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

3 thoughts on “Nanya Ft.

  1. Sporty look love it… whatever outfit your wearing it’s always look good on you.. Coz you have the confidence,believe trust and love to your self … Stay beautiful

    Suggestion outfit hmmmmmmmm till you soon???


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