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Draped in Opulence

Hie Folks ❤

Hope you all are doing great 🙂

I was just waiting for my mom to open her wardrobe, standing behind her, as she agreed to give her saree to me. The moment she opened it,  I was like , Oh wow!! this collection is  just a lot!! Just in case someday if I plan to run away from home, I can just hand pick some of her collection. Did anyone think why am I such an online shopaholic?? Well, like mother! like daughter!! she is an e-shopper too, but the difference between us, she is smarter than me when it comes to picking up goods online. She picks, adds them to the cart, sits back relaxed to enjoy the fun! Fun being the special discount she gets from e-tailers to buy off the cart.



Being a very typical South Indian woman, she suggests me to drape the very iconic  pattu saree (silk saree which is in a way the queen of South Indian attires). Though i denied wearing that, felt I could use it for any other occasion, so landed up choosing the Satin Georgette mixed blue plain saree. I am much more inclined towards plain colors rather than multi color or mixed colored ones. And after teaming it up with this black floral embroidered blouse(or you can say, a kind of crop top 😉 ), I just fell in love with the attire.




Recently did I realize that saree can be styled in many a different way. India being a highly diversified nation, every state has a different draping method when it comes to saree. For a South Indian family like mine, sarees are pretty common.

I feel saree is the most dignified form of all known apparels. Inspite of different skin tone, body shapes and sizes, this is the one apparel which will enhance the beauty of women, simply by acting as a trailer to a thriller movie, or in other words, just showing enough to not forget her for a pretty long time and keep on the excitement. Also saree is a confidence booster, once i wear a saree, my confidence levels reach a new height altogether but a hold me off from being overconfident.  It feels like I’m draped in responsibility of being a woman. Though  girls like me who usually doesn’t wear saree, we are always behind our moms for the look and wish our mothers be there for all other saree days.. lol!!! Saree is emotionally attached with your mother’s memories for sure. Well I can  never stop talking (literally bragging) about my mother’s love, as she is my biggest strength ” love you mom, for whatever I am today”





Winding up with this post, I would like to say, make sure that you drape the saree with confidence and perfection. Also keep in mind that, for tall girls like me, be sure that the bottom line of the saree should touch the toes.

Stay tuned, as the next post would be in collaboration with an e-commerce bigwig.

Until then, I’m signing off with much love!! ❤

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy.

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