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Street style vol. 1: The Drama Queen

“The haul has begun and this girl is no longer a little one”

Welcome back companions 🙂

Frankly speaking, drama is our day to day regime, and why not?  After all, girls are blessed with so much expressive grids. Not every girl is submissive; rather we girls love to fulfill our ‘kind’ of dreams in our own way.

If you see a sweet little girl with innocent eyes and sweet smile, don’t fall for those attributes, as that same girl is the naughtiest of entire family and is a Nazi at home. Not every girl opens up in the crowd or be herself, but trust me, at one point they all wish to be free like a crazy live wire.  An empty room with loud music, some crazy dance moves with weird faces, sassy dress and illusion on mirror. “Teri maaki” is something which we would love to say, especially to those cheeky and cheesy grade 1 A-holes (No apologies for being offensive).

If we are hurt! We cry!

If we like!  We fall in love!

If we love! We kiss!

If you cheat!  You are dead then!!

A closed room story ends, step out, smile and walk by. Life is essential, but don’t just survive!! Live it like you mean it!!




 Hold On!!

Did I miss on what I wore? Off shoulder top is my all time favorite. Why not? It makes me feel I’m one of the fairy lots. Paired it up with an ethnic print wrap around. Initially I was looking for a plain off shoulder top but couldn’t resist experimenting total printed attire (hope you like it  J ) Wrap arounds are really comfortable and make out a flexible different look. You can go stylish or total ethnic with it. This time I gave neck accessories amiss and opted for limited bangles as it was already a printed dress and owing to my broad shoulders, which look best when bared! But if you are opting for a plain off shoulder, do accessorize it with metallic or boho neck piece and I’m sure it will enhance the beautiful you.





Top                   –   Max Store, Chennai

Wrap around –  Grand Bazar, Puducherry

Heels                –   Flipkart

Bangles           –    General Bazar, Hyderabad

Did you like the look? I would love to know your inputs in the comment slab and suggestions are most welcome 🙂

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Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy

5 thoughts on “Street style vol. 1: The Drama Queen

  1. Wonderful lines.. Liked them throughout..👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻
    N I say, this blog is the best one among all others till now.. I’m not sure why only this., but impressed more.. You are one step up now on ur ladder.. N coming to the costume.. This is not only the trendy n stylish one that u wore, but surely occupies it’s place.. N it says that u r going something different by ua taste which is not at all an uncultured.. “Why not? It makes me feel I’m one of the fairy lots.” These lines r saying it..😎
    This time u look dashing n in vogue..😍😊😊


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