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Happy Monday Folks!! 🙂  ❤

Life’s not always as colorful as we expect it to be, and sometimes as a matter of bitter fact and as some say “life’s just black and white for me”, “my life’s nothing better than a monochromatic theme”…But as the pop culture thinks,  those monotonous or to be specific “monochromatic” lives are neither boring nor dull at all!!!! As most of us not realize, white is the state of presence of all colors (one’s  stage of life where we have everything we wished for)  and black is the state of absence of all the colors (correlates to the early and last stages of life where we kinda don’t have any wishes or dreams).  So, in a way my friends… everyone’s life is monochromatic, don’t believe?? Look at how the “me” got integrated in the word monochrome..  😉

As you can realize by now, monochrome is something I brought for you this season and luckily I got the ideal location too. Monochrome is a seriously smoking hot selection of white and black beauty. One need not go with the all colored geometric prints and flattering textures, but can actually keep it really a simple, plain and an eye catchy combo. To keep style game on and strong, I have put on a simple yet eloquent white shirt from Allen Solly, a cute black top from Limeroad and Chemistry Black skirt.  Fierce collection doesn’t always helps but we can keep it really elementary.














Coming to the #art, #monochrome art is basically common, but pretty unusual in their own way. Even though minimal in color, it is universally loved for its nature of reflection.

Monochrome is our life equivalent and the colors are nothing more than reflections of one’s thoughts, wishes and dreams..

Location:- Chamier’s Anokhi, Chennai. INDIA

Chamiers is a quintessentially ‘Madras’ store, retaining the old world charm of the city.

The cosy, wall-papered #CHAMIERS CAFÉ next to the Gift Shop upstairs is a hideaway in the heart of the city, with a menu that includes an organic coffee blend exclusive to us, freshly squeezed fruit juices, an all-day breakfast, a selection of starters, salads, main courses, and a variety of pastries!

Are you planning to visit #Chennai? Dont miss this Chamiers cafe for its exquisite ambience 🙂 would like to see the cafe glimpse? Check out my Instagram pic in Nanya_reddy 🙂

Stay tune for more upcoming stories, until then sayonara  :*

Love Blink 😉

#Nanya reddy

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