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Steal his Clothes!!

Hello people! 🙂

Hope you all are having wonderful days!!

I know many of you just don’t like summer like I do. I am so “no nofor #summer days.

I think a hundred times before  I step out of the house during summers, girls like me who are with a little dusky skin tone get tanned easily under the sun, no matter which SPF you have used. Sometimes I wish I was a boy, who thinks 90% lesser than girls ‘about how to protect the skin from sun. But no worries! Greater position comes with great responsibility.

Anyways, the other day I went to Palm Exotica resort and spa, I utilized the situation to  do a mini shoot  with my bro accompanying  me for being in the frame and my best friend  tried capturing these moments  with his lens. Since it was too hot and since I can’t miss out some delighted adventure (for which I took an extra leave), I  opted for a totally  tropical casual look, with jeans, checkered shirt, orange top and my all-time favorite golden shoes. But you must be thinking why such caption?

Because I am one amongst those girls who would wear boy’s shirts without any hesitation. Really I did this may times before.  A loose flowing checkered shirt during summer is always a good idea. Bored of your girly collection in your wardrobe?? Switch to your brother’s, friends’ or your guy’s wardrobe. No idea how your brother or friends would react to this, but I am sure your guy will definitely respond positively, over that he would love to see you in his clothes. So justified the caption? ohh yes!!





I stole my brother’s shirt for the occasion- Blue checkered shirts are my ideal ones which I usually like to see on boys (Blue are boy’s color as pink for girl’s), and you know what he told me? “I always try convincing mom that you’re my true Brother but she still thinks you’re a girl” (Every brother have some stupid dialogue for his sister). Me- Blah blahblah!! Who cares I just need your shirt 😀





About Palm Exotica: It’s in Shankarpally, Outskirts of Hyderabad.  People like me who are pretty interested in Outings should definitely visit this place once- A perfect holiday destination, I had a great time doing Human sling shot, Rocket ejector, Zip line, two hours of Swimming and a tummy full food.

Heyaa!!! M done with this post…

I hope you liked it 🙂

see you soon guys with different look !!

Love Blink 😉

#Nanya Reddy

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