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Ugadi Utsav !

Hello Folks!!

Mee andariki Ugadi Subhakankshalu !! (Ugadi Wishes)

Jeevitham lo samasyalu tatkalikama.. Badha, prema,kopam, dvesham, avamaanam, veeti sammelaname jeevitham  (Problems, in anyone’s life are nothing more than temporary…. Pain, anger, hatred, love, insults, and respect add up to give  us a “complete” life..  Synonymous to this aspect of life is our very own festival of Ugadi.. Happy Durmukhi Ugadi to one and all !!!! ) 😉 ❤




In the Deccan region of India, this day is widely considered as a beginning of a New Year, also every state claims that they have a story behind it. There are lots of similarities in the way different territories celebrate, but the title of the festival is different, I have stayed for almost of 2 years in Pune for my MBA, prior to that I thought only we (#Telugu) people celebrate Ugadi in India and no one else; contradicting to my view I actually celebrated Gudi padva (Marathi) festival in the year of 2014 with my friend at her home town- Sangamner, Maharashtra. It was a perfect day as we all started the day by worshiping God and then consumed delicious food “exclusive of the day” despite of different name we have one common food which is prepared on this special day that is Puranpoli (Maharashtra) also known as Polelu (Telangana). I was so overwhelmed with my friend’s family, the way they made me felt like I am their very own family member… “Aunty ji you’re an amazing person and thanks for the tasty food” – Shraddha; I am very thankful to God that I had this experience of life  with you. Happy Gudi padva to you and your family.




Regarding my Ugadi Look –

Basically we wear Langa Voni (Half saree) for all the festivals  we celebrate… Langa voni is our traditional wear, but I had least interest in wearing ‘Pattu Half Saree’ so I chose to wear net ensemble cloth half saree. The moment I saw the color combination I was like ohh wooww!! What else can be better than this? So I was all set for the day.

Nothing can ever be best than spending your festive day with our families, eating Pachadi ‘Our most awaited food of the day’ and all the delicious food made by mom.



Hope you guys had some family time this day  🙂

God Bless your year 🙂

Love Blink 😉

Nanya Reddy


5 thoughts on “Ugadi Utsav !

  1. Happy Gudipadva And Happy Marathi New year…
    God Bess you…
    Looking So cute…


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