Yet Graceful !!

Hello my people!!

Welcome back 🙂

Yet graceful; Know how?? There you go!! Life is not always with multiplex attire, opt something where you are comfortable and express pretty well. Until and unless you are in ease gesture and posture, you show some troublesome personality. Below is Simple, yet graceful look with little style and comfort, so I say go easy on style and flaunt it that way.

Since red is a color of Blah Blah….! Do I really need to say that? I don’t care as long as red makes me look pretty, same goes to the other colors too. Colors: I have no discrimination for you all, “just one request” make me feel good when you are with me. “Gleeful” 😀

No wonder ethnic wear are back in fashion and boomed by different styles altogether. Aren’t today’s ethnic wears too eye-catchy and adorned with a captivating print like I wore.

This red kurti from Westside is one of my favorite among all I have, euphoric sense of  design  it has. Do you see I teamed  a belt in this kurti? It was an unanticipated decision, reason being at the very last moment/jiffy, I found that the fit of the kurti is so loose in spite of taking my best size, “happens when you are sure about the garment measurement and skip the trail” Oh!! No!! I was looking like a red balloon bag worried!! But as every problem has a solution, I too found a solution for myself. Yeah!!

Thanks to my sister, who gifted me nude color embroidered leggings from Nepal. “ You will see some impressive collection for shopping in Nepal markets. Footwear is of ‘Inc.5’ brand.







Hope I tempted you to go for some #ethnic wear this time!!!

Drop your feedback right here in the comment slab or one can email me at

Love Blink!!

Nanya Reddy 🙂

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