Rest In Love

Hello people!

Wish Love retains forever!!

How deep does it hurt when someone you think of your every heartbeat leaves you without any intimation?! Yes!! That’s the exact feeling when you don’t even care whether your own survival is worth it or not, only because you are helpless with both heart and mind. This post is not about what I wore, but what I felt with it. For some, people are passing clouds “usually acknowledged in that way” and I totally agree to the fact because you are not attached to that soul, you don’t care whether they stay or not!! “Not mentioning the behavior personally” but some becomes the artery to our heart, the sole array to pass life to it. Well!! I described this only because picture fits the framework, anyways; I will not exaggerate the emotional touch and will move to the ideal color I chose.




Like every color, #black has its own story, until the 14th century, black was considered as a color of pessimistic energy. But as the time shed, this color really picked up fast to position itself as “the” color of fashion. Black has become the most dominating color of all!! Why not? It deserves that!!!

For me, Black is a spectacular color and a color for all. Did you ever fall in love with a girl in black??? I am sure you did ;)!! Significantly, after red, black is the color of love “nobody can deny this”!! You love it or hate it!! But u can’t run away from it!!!!

DSC_1367 - Copy



For this shoot I was all set to project myself as a #Gothic girl but something stopped me and made me do this one, but for sure I’ll try that after sometime, may be for Halloween or something of that sort.

Personally, I am a highly emotional person who tries her best not to get too involved with people that it creates unusual impact. Also I am one amongst those who don’t like watching emotional traumatic scenes! Reason? I-Cry-like-its-Happening-to-my-Life ahhaann!!! But it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong doing so and it also doesn’t indicate that I am weak!! No ways!! It’s just that your heart felt a little heavy and you helped it relieve from stress.



This Saturday of souls is to commemorate those people who have left this world for unfortunate or fortunate reasons, and whom you left behind and they love u even more.

#Location: Madras War Cemetery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

I was very much astonished to know some of the fact which I have mentioned below.Madras which is now well known as Chennai is the only Indian city which was attacked in the world war-I on 22nd September 1914 initiated by the German light cruiser. This Lawn cemetery was established to pay tribute to the people who sacrificed their lives in the World War.

Hope you liked it “Fingers crossed”

I would like to thank each and every one for reading my blog and special thanks to people who put an extra effort to write down emails to me with compliments and suggestions “I am working on it”.

Drop your feedback right here in the comment slab or one can email me at

Picture Courtesy: Mr. Prasad

Hair Style Courtesy: Mr. Michael Roch

19 thoughts on “Rest In Love

  1. Heyloo bubbly Chirpy girl … 🙂 hope you are doing great… N yu look so preety :*
    Just the other day I was telling my sister about you n showing her your work. Impressed by your work. I have similar interests but was unsure about pursuing it…n by the way yu getting prettier in every pic of your blog’s.. 🙂


  2. Well done ambi…u r looking as usual breath-taking…way to go girl n keep your interest alive..:-) couldn’t take my eyes off from the fifth pic..;-)


  3. You are talented and you are making a difference with people far and near. please make a difference in life’s of those with u in all day basis, they all need your help.


  4. Awesome work yar great going 😊 “Rest in love” amazing concept and a heart touching one 😊 keep it going 😊 You r looking very pretty 😊 all the best for your upcoming blogs 😊


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