Spring Bliss !!


Ta da!! Here I am once again “Blink”.  Get your springs on this season, oops!! Sorry I mean spring look on.

Seasons are inevitable & one must possess its temperate by one’s gaze. As a matter of fact spring is a colorful paradise, do you see what I wore? A classic geometric print to totally complement the nature guide. These prints are always an on go fashion for decades & upon that my 1st attention seeker by its appeal, the tie down of top near the waist perfectly defines midriff.







My obsession with skirt made me take one more though I have enough as of now “nothing is ever enough” but wait, this time its denim sweet heart. Denim skirts were 1st introduced in mainstream fashion line in the year 1970s & then grew like fire couture with different pattern and styles. I wore denim flared skirt because flared totally suit my body type. The combo you see, how well it trimmed down to perfection. One can also opt for pleated white, peach or yellow skirt with this multi colored top, but make sure you wear something which suits your body type and does not look outlandish. Another spring go can be floral blazer with plain dark dress, this will be justifiable to office use as well as evening party. Choosing a perfect outfit is what that matters at the end.







Here comes the best part, when I describe that little happiness of mine i.e. accessories treasure. How can the look be complete without subtle accessories? Neck defined with my favorite aqua charm neck piece from ‘pipa bella’ along with it, carried an orange sling bag syncing much with my classic top.




Nude heels are heartthrob, so wear it whenever you are confused like I was, it literally saves you in all affairs. If you don’t have one then don’t even give a second thought just go and get it.

 “Grill down all odd array and steal fashion glory”

Location: Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore, India

You can drop your feedback right here in the comment slab or one can email me at, Tag #miragethyvogue in Instagram to show your feature look of the season.

Love blink

Nanya Reddy.

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