La Valentine Sereine


Finally I’m here with my first blog post “Hurray” !!!

“Love”, I say  it is the best emotion and its feeling is the best that can happen to anyone, it’s because its best preposition is it’s universal  appeal and also because it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time, just as it happened to me when I first gazed at this incredibly appealing  Harpa flared red skirt from Jabong, even after my thoughts were cemented with the idea to wear a dazzling red tunic for my very first blog post. As if this weren’t enough, the perfect match to this divine red skirt is a precisely designed and perfectly tailored white top from Myntra’s FabAlley closet.





So why not a lovely Boho neck piece which would be an icing on the valentine cake, how did I forget to mention the way multicoloured clutch complements  my “sober” attire.




What would be even more versatile than the flared red skirt? It would be nothing else but a pair of  Red wedges, thereby emphasizing on the widespread fact that Feb is indeed the Month of Red!!!! Love is in the air folks!!




February, the good month o’Red, gives you an overdose of red and love, both synonymous to each other, hence the beach theme, where every day begins and ends with lovely red skies!!

Location: Pondicherry, India

Love Blink !

Nanya Reddy.


35 thoughts on “La Valentine Sereine

  1. Love is the universal language and your choice is commendable to start this way… Long way to go… And you are best in this. Keep it up… Way to go girl. All the very best. Looking forward to read more.👌👌👍👍


  2. Really enjoyed reading this, Love your style of writing, so natural and easy to read. I completely agree with and really over all these advice posts too. I am pretty pleases to meet such a blog which feels so beautiful.
    This is the time to keep going, keep doing what you are doing.
    I just like how the cameraman is trying to create a feeling of love, happiness and openness by supplying such a beautiful shots. Hopefully each of the reader’s responses will be in your future as well.
    Loved all that you shared, looking forward to read more..


  3. I enjoyed reading such a good article. Such insighful writing is rare these days. Informed comment like this has to be apldpudea. I’ll certainly be looking in on this blog again soon!


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